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Privacy policy: 

1. Information Collection: 

1.1. Information Collection 

(a) Types of Information: We collect personal information that you deliberately  give to us, for example, your name, email address, and contact subtleties,  when you make an account or reach us for support. This may vary for product to product , let's say for iOS app we do not collect email address but Apple does and App usage data. We do not collect any entry and exit IP address of your internet traffic , so that your privacy and human right is not violated. 

(b) Technical Information: At the point when you utilize our VPN application, we  consequently gather specific specialized data, for example, your IP address,  gadget data (including operating system and browser type), connection logs,  and usage data. 

(c) Cookies and Similar Technologies: We use cookies and similar technologies to  gather data and upgrade your experience while utilizing our VPN application.  For additional information about the utilization of cookies and how you can  manage your preferences, please refer to our Cookie Policy. 

1.2. Methods of Collection: 

(a) We gather individual data that you give to us when you make an account or  utilize specific features of our VPN application, for example, when you submit  a support request. 

(b) Automatic Collection: As you access and interact with our VPN application, we  automatically collect certain technical information using server logs and other  tracking technologies. 

1.3. Third-Party Sources: With your consent, we might gather data from outsider  sources, like social media platforms, to upgrade and customize your involvement in  our VPN application. 

1.4. Legal Basis for Collection: We collect and process your information based on your  consent and to fulfill our contractual obligations to provide you with the requested  VPN services. Additionally, we may collect and process your information to comply  with applicable laws and regulations or pursue our legitimate interests in improving  our services. 

1.5. Children's Information: Our VPN application isn't expected for use by youngsters  younger than 13. We don't intentionally gather individual data from youngsters.  Assuming you are younger than 13, kindly don't utilize our VPN application or give any  private data to us.

1.6. User Responsibilities: You are liable for giving accurate and up-to-date data while  utilizing our VPN application. We suggest that you try not to give unnecessary sensitive  personal information that isn't needed for the utilization of our services. 

2. Use of Information:  

2.1. Purposes of Use: 

(a) We utilize the gathered data to give you our VPN services, including troubleshooting  technical issues, analyzing usage patterns, and consistently working on the  presentation and usefulness of our application. 

(b) Customer Support: We might utilize your data to answer your requests, give client  assistance, and address any issues or concerns you might have connected with our  VPN application. 

(c) Personalization and User Experience: We may use the collected information to  personalize your user experience, such as recommending relevant content, features,  or advertisements based on your usage patterns and preferences. 

(d) Communication: We may use your information to communicate with you, including  sending important notices about our services, updates, and promotional materials  that we believe may be of interest to you. 

(e) Additional Purposes: Notwithstanding the reasons referenced above, we may likewise  involve the gathered data for innovative work purposes, to further develop the safety  efforts of our VPN application, and to conform to material legitimate commitments. 

2.2. Data Aggregation and Anonymization: We may aggregate and anonymize the  collected information to generate statistical analysis, conduct research, and prepare  reports to help us understand usage trends and improve our VPN application. This  amassed and anonymized data doesn't distinguish individual clients. 

2.3. Third-Party Service Providers: We may engage third-party service providers to  assist in providing our VPN services, such as hosting, maintenance, or customer  support. These service providers are contractually obligated to handle user  information securely and confidentially. 

2.4. Marketing and Promotional Materials: With your consent, we may use your  information to send newsletters, offers, or advertisements that we believe may be of  interest to you. You can opt out of receiving such communications at any time by  following the instructions provided in the communication or by contacting us. 

3. Data Retention:  

3.1. Retention Period: We will retain the collected user data for as long as necessary to  fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy, or as required by law. The retention 

period may vary depending on the type of data and the specific context of its  collection. 

3.2. Account Deletion: You may request the deletion of your account and associated  data by contacting our customer support. However, please note that certain data may  need to be retained for legal or legitimate business reasons, such as to comply with  applicable laws or resolve disputes. 

3.3. Aggregated and Anonymized Information: We might hold amassed and  anonymized information for an endless period for statistical analysis, research, or  reporting purposes. This information doesn't recognize individual clients and is utilized  in a way that guarantees the protection and obscurity of clients. 

3.4. Data Backup and Security: We might hold information reinforcements for a  restricted period to ensure effective disaster recovery and system restoration. These  backups are subject to the same privacy and security safeguards as the live data and  are used solely for the purposes of maintaining the integrity and availability of our  services. 

3.5. Compliance with Legal Obligations: We might hold specific client information to  follow legitimate commitments forced by relevant regulations, guidelines, or  government demands. We will ensure that any retention of data is done in accordance  with the applicable legal requirements and for the duration required by law. 

4. Data Security:  

4.1. Data Protection Measures: We have executed industry-standard safety efforts to  safeguard your information from disclosure, alteration, or destruction. These actions  incorporate encryption, firewalls, access controls, and ordinary security appraisals. 

4.2. Confidentiality: We keep up with severe privacy of your information and limit  admittance to approved staff who need it to play out their work obligations and furnish  you with our VPN services. 

4.3. Data Transmission: We use industry-standard encryption protocols, such as Secure  Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS), to ensure the secure transmission  of data between your device and our VPN servers. 

4.4. User Responsibility: You must assume a sense of ownership with safeguarding your  own information. Please ensure that you choose strong and secure passwords, avoid 

sharing sensitive information or credentials with others, and regularly update your  account information. 

4.5. Data Breach Response: In case of an information break, we have laid out a  complete reaction plan. If a breach occurs, we will promptly investigate, take  appropriate measures to mitigate the impact, and notify affected users and relevant  authorities as required by applicable laws and regulations. 

4.6. Third-Party Services: We may engage third-party services or providers to assist in  processing or storing user data. We carefully select these partners and ensure they  maintain appropriate security measures and comply with relevant privacy laws. 

5. Third-Party Sharing:  

5.1. Sharing with Service Providers: We may share certain user data with trusted third party service providers who assist us in delivering and improving our VPN services.  These service providers are contractually obligated to handle user data securely and  confidentially, and they are only permitted to use the data for the purposes specified  by us. 

5.2. Legal Compliance and Protection: We might unveil client information whenever  expected to do as such by regulation or considering substantial lawful solicitations, for  example, court requests or government requests. We may likewise share information  when we accept it is important to safeguard our freedoms, property, or security, or  the privileges, property, or security of others. 

5.3. Business Transfers: On the off chance that we are engaged with a consolidation,  securing, or any type of business move, client information might be moved or  uncovered as a component of the exchange. In such cases, we will tell you and give  you the potential chance to quit if your information will be dependent upon an  alternate privacy policy. 

5.4. User Consent: We will get your assent prior to offering your information to  outsiders for purposes other than those illustrated in this privacy policy. 

5.5. Aggregate and Anonymized Data: We might share amassed and anonymized  information with third party for advertising, investigation, research, or different  purposes. This information doesn't distinguish individual clients and is utilized in a way  that guarantees privacy and obscurity. 

6. Cookies and Tracking Technologies:  

6.1. Types of Technologies Used: We use various technologies, including cookies and  web beacons, to upgrade your experience and further develop our VPN application.  These technologies assist analyze usage patterns, deliver personalized content, and  provide relevant advertisements. 

6.2. Cookie Functionality: Cookies are small text files that are put away on your gadget  when you visit our site or utilize our VPN application. We use cookies to remember  your preferences, enhance your user experience, and provide you with relevant  services, for example, recalling your login data or showing customized content. 

6.3. Third-Party Cookies: With your consent, we may allow certain third-party cookies  on our VPN application. These cookies are utilized for different purposes, for example,  analytics, promoting, or social media integration. The specific third-party  administrations or suppliers might incorporate Google Investigation, Facebook, or  other promoting organizations. 

6.4. Cookie Management: You can deal with your cookie preferences by changing the  settings in your web browser. Most programs permit you to incapacitate or erase  treats completely or on a for each site premise. Kindly note that disabling or erasing  cookie might influence the usefulness of our VPN application or breaking point your  capacity to get to specific elements. 

6.5. Tracking Technologies: In addition to cookies, we might utilize other tracking  technologies, for example, web signals or pixel labels, to follow site or application use,  measure publicizing viability, and assemble examination information. These  advancements assist us with working on our services and grasp client conduct. 

6.6. Do Not Track (DNT): Our VPN application does not currently respond to "Do Not  Track" signals from browsers. We may continue to collect information in the manner  described in this privacy policy, even if a "Do Not Track" signal is received. 

7. User Rights: 

7.1. Right to Access: You reserve the privilege to get to the individual information we  gather and interaction about you. To demand admittance to your information, to  request access to your data, contact our client care and give any essential confirmation  data. We will answer your solicitation inside a sensible time period. 

7.2. Right to Rectification: Assuming you accept that the individual information we hold  about you is wrong, deficient, or obsolete, you reserve the option to demand its 

amendment. To request a correction or update to your information, kindly contact our  customer support and give subtleties of the data that should be rectified or refreshed. 

7.3. Right to Erasure: In specific circumstances, you reserve the right to request the  cancellation of your own information. On the off chance that you wish to practice this  right, if it's not too much trouble, contact our client service. We will cautiously audit  your solicitation and evaluate if any lawful commitments or authentic grounds exist  for holding the information. 

7.4. Right to Restriction of Processing: You reserve the option to request the limitation  of processing of your own information in specific situations. Assuming you accept that  your information is being handled unlawfully or its exactness is challenged, kindly  contact our customer support to request the restriction of processing. 

7.5. Right to Data Portability: Dependent upon specific circumstances, you reserve the  option to get a copy of your own information in a usually utilized and machine readable format. On the off chance that you might want to practice this right or  solicitation the immediate transmission of your information to another information  regulator, please contact our customer support. 

7.6. Right to Object: You reserve the option to protest the handling of your own  information for specific purposes, like direct advertising. On the off chance that you  wish to practice this right, please contact our client care, and indicate the nature of  your objection. 

7.7. Right to Withdraw Consent: You reserve right to withdraw you agree to the  handling of your own information whenever. To pull out your assent, please, contact  our client assistance. Kindly note that pulling out assent doesn't influence the legality  of handling in view of assent before its withdrawal. 

8. Modification: 

8.1. Right to Modify: We maintain whatever authority is needed to change, update, or  change the details of this application without earlier notification. These progressions  might be made for different reasons, including legitimate consistence, administration  improvement, or tending to client criticism. 

8.2. Notice of Modifications: We will give notice of any material changes to these  Terms. This should be possible by means of email, notices inside this application or by  posting refreshed terms on our site. It is your responsibility to regularly review the  updated terms.

8.3. Acceptance of Modifications: Your proceeded with utilization of this Application  following changes to these Terms will comprise your acknowledgment of the refreshed  Terms. On the off chance that you disagree with the adjusted terms, if it's not too  much trouble, quit utilizing this application. 

8.4. Right to Reject Modifications: You have the right to reject the modified terms. If  you do not agree to the updated terms, you may close your account and stop using  this application. 

8.5. Severability: If any arrangement of these Agreements is viewed as invalid or  unenforceable, the excess arrangements will stay in full power and impact. 

9. Consistence with Laws 

9.1. General Consistence: By utilizing our VPN application, you consent to agree with  every appropriate regulation, guidelines, and lawful commitments. You are  responsible for ensuring that your utilization of the application is legal and does not  violate any third-party rights. 

9.2. Prohibited Activities: You are prohibited from involving our VPN application for any  criminal operations or exercises that encroach upon the freedoms of others. This  incorporates however isn't restricted to exercises like unapproved access, dispersion  of copyrighted materials, or any type of cybercrime.  

9.3. Compliance with Export Control Laws: You are expected to follow all applicable  export control laws and regulations. This remembers yet isn't restricted to limitations  for the utilization, access, or product of the VPN application or any connected  innovation or data. 

9.4. Government Requests and Legal Obligations: We might be expected to consent to  substantial government demands or legitimate commitments, for example, court  requests or summons, to uncover client data or make essential moves to guarantee  consistence with the law. 

9.5. Protected innovation Freedoms: You must respect the intellectual property rights  of others. It is completely restricted to utilize our VPN application to participate in any  exercises that encroach upon copyrights, trademarks, patents, or any other  intellectual property rights.

9.6. Reporting violation: If you become aware of any violations of laws, regulations, or  the terms and conditions of our VPN application, please report them to the  appropriate authorities or contact our customer support. 

10. Contact Information:  

10.1. Customer Support: If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding our  VPN application or these terms and conditions, please contact our customer support  team.  

10.2. Reporting Abuse or Violations: To report any abuse, violations, or concerns  regarding the use of our VPN application or any suspected privacy breaches, please  contact us via our contact details shown our website. We take such matters seriously  and will promptly investigate and address any reported issues. 

10.3. Response Timeframe: We strive to respond to customer inquiries and privacy related requests within two business days. However, please note that response times  may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the request. 

11. Entire Agreement:  

11.1. These terms and conditions, along with any additional policies or agreements  referenced herein, constitute the entire agreement between you and SecureVPN.IO regarding the use of our VPN application and supersede any prior agreements or  understandings, whether written or oral. 

11.2. Severability: If any provision of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid or  unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall  remain in full force and effect. 

11.3. Additional Information: In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions by  a user, we reserve the right to exercise any rights and remedies available to us under  applicable laws. For legal inquiries or notices, please contact us. 

11.4. Effective Date: These terms and conditions are effective as soon as you start using any of our product.